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Posted on: March 8th 2022

School Music Concert

Music concert 1的 evening of Wednesday 9th February was a momentous night for our young musicians as the 原理图ool welcomed parents, staff and pupils for the official return of liveMusic concert 2 music after a two-year hiatus. 的 pandemic pressed pause on many aspects of our lives, but hearing the corridors alive with the sound of music has reinstated a feeling of the ‘old normal’ and brought our community together.

的 night kicked off with Jazz band, who wooed with the ballad A Nightingale sang in Berkley Square before thrilling with the punchy funk piece Chameleon. Solos from Kiarah Williams (Y12), Elijah Kelly (Y11), and Avish Garg (Y10) were special highlights. 的 Music concert 3string ensemble led us through a beautiful rendition of JS Bach’s Gavotte with accuracy and style. Choir serenaded the audience with a medley from Les Miserables, with courageous and beautiful solos from Keziah, Samanta, 奥利维亚, Aleesha and Karishma (Y11), Aariz and Toby (Y10), Srishti (Y9), and Medinah (Y7). Samba brought the party mood, led charismatically by guest conductor and former student Ibrahim Touré. 在一个 Music concert 4Whitmore first, the Cygnus Trio (a professional classical music ensemble) stunned the hall with a rapturous performance of Alex Cann’s (Y13) Minuet and Trio – an excellent experience for a young composer juggling an enviable set of university options (Oxford and Guildhall). 最后, Harrow steel capped the night off superbly with Stable Mates and Gypsy Woman – a vibrant, joyful ending to a wonderful evening of music.

的 concert was the first for the new head of music, 史密斯先生, who felt great pride listening to the excellent array of performers as they represented the 原理图ool so well. He extends his gratitude to parents, performers and stagehands, to the 原理图ool’s leadership and Ms Hammond for supporting musical life, and to his team (Mr Shah, 杜文后, Mr Newland, Benn女士, and Mrs Joseph) for their dedication and professionalism. 的 future is bright for Whitmore’s young musicians, and we look forward welcoming you to future events.

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